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My name is Joe Tower. I design user-focused experiences.

I live in the Nokomis Neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN, with a lady and two dogs. I am a print designer, turned web designer, turned front-end developer, turned wannabe programmer (trying to do it all). During the day I work as a designer and frontend engineer for Four Kitchens. In my free time, I am the Chief Designer for Lightbomber.

I want the internet to be: beautiful to look at, as open-source as possible, and above all else, user-friendly.

I am a film nerd, technology lover, music snob, and occasional video game player. When it comes to food I am vegetable obsessed and prefer savory to sweet. Beer, scotch, and gin are my favorite alcholic beverages.

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This site is continually being redesigned, retooled, reimagined. Right now, it's utilizing Sass, the Singularity grid system with mostly flexbox, and a static site (Simply Static plugin) output of WordPress for content authoring.


This site uses Google Web Fonts to serve up Open Sans and Open Sans Condensed.

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